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The project promotes the equality in chances across Europe for education, against every cultural, economic, social and geographical obstacle for youth

Educational Guide for the Youth Centers


Material and Methodology of the Online Academy


Creation and running Youth Centers with Partners in Greece


Practical Guide on How to Create Youth Centers


Description of the project

The Vision of STEPS Youth Centers’ is the equality in chances across Europe for education, against every cultural, economic, social and geographical obstacle for youth. The project aims to contribute to issues of social inclusion, entrepreneurship, citizenship and employability by pursuing two key objectives. On the one hand, we aim at creating the appropriate pedagogical methods, based on e-learning modules in order to make the idea of on-line education more attractive to young people in Europe. On the other hand, we aim at giving the chance to students, teachers, unemployed youth between18-30 years old and pupils of the secondary education who belong to social groups suffering from the crisis, get trained through non formal education using the above mentioned techniques and the innovative tools of trainings and workshops at the Youth Centers which will be created on the specific thematics selected. The key objective of the project is to offer young people with fewer opportunities an attractive Youth space which will host them, aiming to utilize and foster knowledge, empower their skills and develop their capabilities to reach the demands of a globalized world, offering equal opportunities and open access to a range of activities. Within the Project, the Consortium formed by youth organizations, Municipalities and Ministries from 4 EU Member States will share knowledge and expertise cooperating on forming innovative Youth Centers using the tools of ICT offering equal and inclusive opportunities to young people wishing to improve their competences and reach the demands of the labour market. The main activities of the project are focused on the cooperation between the stakeholders, and the creation of Centers of excellence, developed by experts and aiming to facilitate the recognition, awareness and maximum utilization of the benefits of non-formal education, interactive trainings and workshops, while active participation and social entrepreneurship are promoted within the Project.


Through the implementation of this project the partners aim at contributing significantly in enhancing the opportunities for employability of university students, both nationally and at EU level, as well as for other young job seekers The project has a dual focus on the technological & social inclusion aspects, whereby it bases itself on binding during training sessions rather than the domination of one or the other; hence the project is well equipped to support people-driven innovation & youth social inclusion.

Pupils of High Schools

They will have the opportunity to learn about the EU, acquire communication skills in a foreign language, develop an intercultural attitude through interactive, innovative and experiential learning methods.

Young people 18-30 years old

They will be trained on social entrepreneurship and employability in the EU and funding opportunities.


They will be trained on new methods of non-formal learning, funding opportunities in the EU for their schools and enhance their personal and professional development

Municipal Employees

They will be trained in order to sustain the Youth Center in the future.


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